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Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

Our laboratory billing experts support you to keep pace with the guidelines of the insurance agencies regarding COVID-19 testing medical billing and related services.

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Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

Covid Vaccine

Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

Our leading-edge medical billing solutions for the COVID vaccine help public health agencies & lab practices to quickly recoup the costs of vaccine administration and organizations.

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Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

A/R Recovery

Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

Covid Lab Billing introduces purpose-built workflows and efficient claims appeal processes to recover lost payments and expedite the accounts receivable collections.

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Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

Revenue Cycle

Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

We have the required expertise and resources to manage your revenue cycle. Our team understands and implements processes to achieve high-quality financial outcomes.

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With productivity enriched strategies, a dynamic workflow engine, an efficient practice management system, and the mutual efforts of our billing experts drive better financial viability. Our resilient business intelligence & sincere commitment enable our clients to meet all your RCM needs & help you

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Let us be your partner for managing the revenue cycle and see how we can produce an ever-flowing revenue stream for your healthcare business. Our medical billing and coding experts don’t leave room for underpayments. We collect precise demographic information of the vaccinated people and conduct insurance discovery, payer/plan mapping, eligibility verification, claims adjudication, and collection with no patient billing.

So, just imagine the peace of mind, laboratory practitioners will get after getting rid of these complicated tasks. This is the reason that Covid Lab Billing has become the most sought-after destination of healthcare providers across the United States. Hence the collaboration with us will result in no setup fees, timely or complete payments for all services rendered, and industry insights.

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Covid Lab Testing Medical Billing

The medical billing industry has experienced a lot of drastic changes due to the COVID-19 & SARS-CoV-2, a novel coronavirus. Covid Lab Billing has the required experience that enables laboratory practitioners to navigate the hazards of medical billing for COVID-19 testing. We have a team of profoundly qualified and certified coders to ensure all procedures are accurately coded. Our excellent billing practices ensure 100% compliance with federal laws and high coding quality.

Additionally, billing specialists stay updated with the current market requirements and the latest scenarios that emerge. They are knowledgeable about how to get the claim accepted and what to include in the medical claims to avoid rejections. Our COVID-19 vaccine billing services & specialized lab billing solutions keep it all straight & ensure a seamless flow of payments.

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COVID Vaccine Billing

Experts at Covid Lab Billing remain constantly vigilant amid the changing guidelines of medical billing and coding for COVID-19 vaccination requirements. We help practitioners to continue playing an active role in alleviating and preventing the suffering of the community without the stress of getting reimbursed.Our lab medical billing experts keep abreast of all the evolutions such as;

Newly unveiled CPT codes for several SARS-CoV-2 vaccine products and immunization administration, policies established by the payers & the federal authorities. Our custom-tailored lab medical billing services don’t let vaccine providers remain underpaid. So, give Covid Lab Billing a chance to manage the complicated procedure of covid vaccine billing and capture the reimbursements from the insurance companies for all insured and uninsured people.

Covid Vaccine
AR Recovery Services

How It Works

AR Recovery Services

Our experts have a proven track record of analyzing and dissecting your medical accounts receivable. We work diligently to quickly and successfully elevate the profitability of our clients at competitive pricing. Covid Lab Billing understands the challenges faced by the healthcare providers,

particularly those who are dealing with providing the COVID vaccines and other possible treatments for a better cause. So, our medical accounts receivable experts eliminate the excessive burden of the providers associated with managing the claims backlog. We follow a standardized procedure for efficient claims denial management and walk the extra mile to reopen maximum reimbursements. Hire our AR recovery experts today to make a huge difference in the financial prosperity of your lab business.

How It Works

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Considering the complexity of the ever-evolving healthcare industry, it is necessary to have the accurate processes, right people, and tools in place to get the hard-earned revenue. Our Covid vaccine billing team implements advanced technology-driven solutions to streamline your RCM processes i.e. from complete charge capturing to proper claim adjudication.

Our claims experts always stay connected with your healthcare organization and payers to follow the journey of a medical claim i.e. from beginning to end. Having the highest level of professionalism and precision, billing professionals at Covid Lab Billing are remarkably competent to ensure maximum reimbursements. They not only help you to grow top-line revenue for a healthier bottom line but also move your lab practice forward. You can experience healthy cash flow and focus on your patients effectively.

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Common Questions

What are the Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement rates for vaccine administration?

According to The Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the reimbursements rates to administer vaccine are as follow

  • The rate for a single-dose vaccine will be $28.39.
  • For two or more doses, the initial dose(s) administration rate will be $16.94.
  • The payment rate for the final dose will be $28.39.

Who is eligible for funding?

Healthcare organizations that are providing COVID-19 testing and FDA-authorized or licensed COVID-19 vaccine services to uninsured people are eligible for claims reimbursements. Such entities will get paid according to the payment rates set by Medicare.

Is there a cost for receiving & administering the vaccine for providers?

There is not any cost for providers for the ancillary kits and vaccines. CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has confirmed the reimbursement for the vaccine administration. However, various vaccine providers have contracted with outside entities like Commonwealth Medicine while they may not bill for the COVID-19 vaccine themselves. They want to get assistance with insurance billing for the payments of vaccine administration. Besides, the department itself is not involved in a legal agreement or disagreement. But you may get familiar with the terms if your site has such an agreement.

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